Want to join us?

If you are interested in joining the Centre State Rodders as a full member or a social member, here is the way to do it.

   Firstly you need to be over 18 years old with an interest in our club activities as depicted within these pages, being hot rods, custom, classic or vetran & vintage cars or motorcycles with a touch of social drinking & live music at our  licenced clubhouse to keep us entertained. You don't need to own a vehicle to join, just have an interest in them or a desire to own one at a later date. We are only looking for active members, that is we want our members to participate in club activities. that is why you will need to come to three club events before you apply, for example come to a band night, a shovel run and a monthly meeting. Introduce yourself to members at these events and tell us about yourself. Then apply via an application form available at the club. You will need two full club members one to nominate and one second your application. which will be presented for acceptance at the next general meeting. Once accepted your spouse or partner will automatically be entitled to the same benefits as you are. Membership is $25 pa due on the 1st. July.  If you have a vehicle/s that qualify for a H plate club permit and you wish to register it via CSR the fee is $50 pa.

If this interests you please familiarize your self with the rules below.




Social club rules

 All applications must be voted on and accepted by majority of full club members at a general meeting before being eligible for social club  membership. Social Club members are required to be 18 years old and over, due to the clubrooms being a licensed premises.

A membership fee of $25 is to be paid to Centre State Rodders on a yearly basis, payable before or on the day of the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

If the Social Club Member has a vehicle registered on “H” Plates the yearly fee will be $50

Social club members are required to abide by all Centre State Rodders Club Rules. All fines will be applicable to social club members.

Social Club members are welcome to attend Centre State Rodders meetings, however they do not have the voting rights as for full membership and will be asked to leave when sensitive or financial details are being discussed.

Social club members will have no access to financial records and accounts.

Social Club members will NOT be allowed to purchase a Club jacket as worn by full club members and Will Not be given keys to the clubhouse.

Social Club members will be allowed to purchase, through the club, social club apparel. The Social club apparel will bear the Centre State Rodders Logo.

Social Club members will be entitled to club prices at the clubhouse bar.

Social Club members will be notified of club events via an email list. Social club members are encouraged to attend all Centre State Rodders events such as the Centre state Swap Meet and the Fathers Day show and shine.